Thursday, March 14, 2024

An evening with Grant and Lottie Richie - fishing NE Oregon


This evening we had 24 members and guest in attendance.

President Dave called our meeting this evening to order at 7:15. He announced that he was making arrangement with his medical appointments to return the club to our regular monthly meeting days of the second Wednesday of the month.
Our next club meeting will be
Wednesday April 10.

This March 12th meeting Treasurer Doug reports that we have $1707 in our bank account.

Secretary Dale gave a brief February meet's minutes report, and asked everyone to reference this blog site to stay abreast of the club's most recent happenings and those of the past 14 years.

It was noted that that club dues for 2024 were now due and at last November’s meeting it was agreed that the dues would now be Fifteen dollars ($15) for an individual’s membership and Twenty-Five dollars ($25) for a full family membership.

With the subject of club dues in mind, we made a historical reflection of things the club had been involve with (group activities and events) over the past 14 years. We also discussed a few plans to try to be involved with in 2024. 

• a 2024 Fly Fishing Fair – Annette Craig will be working on this project soon 
Waterbrook Winery about sponsoring a Fly Fishing Fair on their fish ponds in early June.

• Club group fishing outings to high lakes and rivers – 

 • Fly Casting Clinics 

• Round Table Fly tying get-togethers 

• Midweek After Work - cookouts

and flotation fishing at Bennington Lake with all things being connected to our love and enthusiasm for sharing fly fishing and camaraderie - there can be some good catching evening at Bennington Lake.

and the sunsets 

NOTE: the club has a pontoon boat, two float tubes, and PFD / vests to share

 and a library of fly fishing books and magazines. 


This evening we again had the pleasure of our used-to-be-neighbors Grant and Lottie Richie to join us, coming across the Blues in snow and cold giving our evening’s program.

Lottie and Grant own and operate Minam Store / Fishing – Hunting Guide Service on Hwy 82 at the confluence of the Wallowa and Minam rivers and from there provide fishing guide services on these rivers and the Grande Ronde River.

From here this blog is going to take a different twist and offer YOU a YouTube video produced by Grant and Lottie of their services.
A video beautifully well done…

Grant and Lottie, we thank you so much for joining us this evening.

After their presentation we did conduct a drawing for the evening’s Door Prize flybox.

Thereafter our meeting was adjourned at 8:35.

Our next regularly scheduled meeting will be April 10, 2024 at Chiquillas Mexican House at 428 Ash St, Walla Walla, WA.
Dinner gathering at 5:45 with the club's business meeting to follow at 7:00.

Respectfully submitted,

Dale McKain
Club Secretary  

Tight lines and good fishing


Thursday, February 22, 2024

An evening with Dr. Chris Peery - Army Corps of Engineers - Fisheries


This evening President Dave Stemmer called our meeting to order at 7:05, and welcomed everyone for their attendance.

We had 24 members and guest in attendance.

Secretary Dale McKain gave a brief recount of our January 17th meeting, and mentioned that from the club’s formation most accounts of meetings and activities could be found at the club’s blog site - this site.

This evening Treasurer Doug Coe was out of town this night, so Pres. Dave gave the treasury report that the club had $1629 in our bank account.

The March 23 Walla Walla 4-H Super Saturday activities were not discussed, but will be
addressed at our March 12th meeting. Tom Craig is Chairman for this activity.

It was again mentioned that the club might need to look for a different meeting location, due to the room size and overhead heat vent/air conditioning noise and the coming and going restroom traffic noise of the current meeting room; this will be address at our next meeting. We may just ask to be moved to the smaller quieter meeting room here at Chiquillas Mexican House.

Dave then introduced our speaker for this evening’s program – Dr. Chris Peery with the Walla Walla Division of the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE). 

Dr. Peery’s gave a slide show presentation that was full of details, a lot of details… concerning our Columbia Basin Fisheries, and the overall water and fishery resources of the Columbia River and tributaries. He also pointed out that even though ACE worked to implement much of what is happening in our Columbia River Basin, happenings and the works thereof are very much implemented and impacted by Tribal Agreements, the US Congress, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries. Walla Walla Division of ACE were the guys with their feet on the ground – and in the waterways.

As mentioned there was a lot of detailed information that Dr. Peery gave us, and much can be found at this NOAA website --

Dr. Peery also discussed how interwoven the 4 -Native American- Treaty Tribes (Warm Springs, Umatilla, Yakima, and Nez Perce tribes) were connected with the fishery works of the Columbia River Basin.

Most of his presentation was dealing with the 7 species of salmon runs of the Columbia River Basin and Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act, which states that federal agencies must consult with NOAA Fisheries when any action the agency carries out, funds, or authorizes may affect either a species listed as threatened or endangered under the Act, or any critical habitat designated for it.

Dr. Peery pointed out that even though the Walla Walla ACE implemented the functions of all the other agencies, it was the US Congress that had to give a head nod, for anything to actually happen in a timely manner.

After Dr. Peery’s presentation he had a Q & A session with the entire group, and held on after the meeting to discuss some individual’s questions. It was a very informative evening concerning our very local fisheries and habitats.
Thank you Dr. Peery.

After the program presentation we had the raffle drawings for the fly boxes - one is a ticket sale and the other is a door prize. Natalie won the ticket sale box and Mike won the door prize. 

Our meeting was adjourned at 8:30, with our next meeting to be held 7:00 pm March 12th.

Respectfully submitted,
Dale McKain

Tight lines and good fishing

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Fly fishing with Daniel and Robin into the New Year


This evening President Dave called our meeting to order at 7:08p.

We had 23 club members and guests in attendance for this meeting to start our 2024 New Year.

Prior to the business meeting dinner was served and fish tells were passed around the tables.

Introduced this evening were the new club officers for 2024, duly elected at our November 8th meeting. The new club officers are:

President - Dave Stemmer
Vice President - Tanner Druffel
Secretary - Dale McKain
Treasurer - Doug Coe

Dave            Doug            Dale          Tanner

This evening it was discussed making a change in our meetings location, maybe a location at not so large a room and with better acoustics. This topic will be continued to a later meeting after a survey of locations has been made. Do you have any suggestions?

Tom Craig is again chairing the leadership for the club participation at this year’s 
4-H Super Saturday – March 23rd.  Tom said that he would take the lead role for fly casting instructions, and Diane said that she would take the lead role for demonstrating fly tying.  All of those interested in helping with this event please contact Tom. This event will again be taking place at the Blue Mountain Community Church 928 Sturm Ave, Walla Walla, WA.

Our fly fishing program presentation this evening was a real treat. It was comprised a video presentation of the fly fishing excursions of fellow club members Robin and Daniel Biggs. 

Daniel has recently become more and more involved with producing videos for TV presentations, documentaries and fly fishing excursions.

Tonight Robin and Daniel took us to 6 nearby Oregon – Washington fly fishing locations and shared with on screen photos and video presentations, with descriptions of what you can find there. Of these there was: Strawberry Lake (needing a backpack float tubes), John Day River (near Service Creek, Oregon), Willow Lake (off of I-84), and Dusty Lake (Quincy Wildlife Area), and a few more that Daniel would prefer to share only by “just word of mouth”.
Many of these locations are stocked annually or more often, for everyone’s fishing enjoyment. Follow the links below for maps to and description of the locations mentioned in this evening presentation.

It should be noted, that Daniel and Robin are not Pacific Northwest fishing guides, but if you would like to contact them, concerning their adventures of where they Go Fishing, you can reach them at their online business address; also if you might need to have some professional photography work done... 

 Tonight’s meeting was adjourned at 8:20.

Respectfully submitted,
Dale McKain
Club Secretary  

Tight lines and good fishing





Thursday, November 9, 2023

We are going fishing - Happy Holidays - see you next year

Currently on our Holiday Vacation we will be back
after the New Year

This evening we came together for our last meeting of the year - 2023. 
Again our meeting was dinner at Chiquillas Mexican House 428 Ash St. in Walla Walla. As usual we begin placing dinner order at 5:45 and thereafter share the latest news in the fishing world and our most current fishing trip.
We did not have a scheduled speaker - presentation for this evening.
We may be changing our meeting location after the beginning of the New Year.

Earlier this year our President Diane and Co-President Judy had resigned their positions after 4-years of service (and the COVID-19 interruption), and our Treasurer Harold recently became ill, was hospitalized, and has been unable to fill that position for the past couple of months. With Dale being the only current active club officer, he call our meeting to order at 7:00 pm. He and ex-President Dave thereafter conducted our order of business for this evening.

Tonight our group was small, but we did have a quorum of our paid ($15/ year) membership, to conduct an election for a new slate of Club Officers.

Without a Treasurer being present we did not have our usually transactions with fly donations - door prize, or fly box raffle. Current funds in our club treasury stands at $1506.97.

We had a brief discussion of the past year's business, and projection of future 2024 activities. 
Ex-President Dave had been in touch with those who had said they would be interested in being club officer, so the nomination of Club Officers was rather brief.
President - Dave Stemmer
Vice President - Tanner Druffel
Secretary - Dale McKain
Treasurer - Doug Coe

These nominees were present and presented to the members attending this evening's meeting. Motion was made, no further nominees were available, and the above individuals were elected our new Club Officer beginning January 1, 2024.

With All being said, All was done. The above mentioned individuals will be our new Club Officers, effective with our January 10, 2024 club meeting.

After the above club business be taken cared of - we adjourned at 7:40 pm.

Happy Holidays 

Respectfully submitted,
Dale McKain
Club Secretary  

Tight lines and good fishing

Thursday, October 19, 2023

October 18 a short meeting tonight with a Tackle SWAP coming in November

Robert Sallee with steelhead
- RIP -
dear friend and fishing pal

This evening we had 12 members and guest in attendance. 

After dinner, we were expecting Ex-President Dave, having previously announced that he would be running late (with family affairs), to come and conduct our meeting.  Secretary Dale took the reigns while in waiting, and ask if there were any fishing tails to tell about. Doug said that he had been fishing steelhead on the Klickitat River, and he had caught a few. He reported that that river was a bit murky, but fish were catching his flies.

We also discussed the usual timing of the steelhead run upriver along the Columbia, and thoughts of near future trips following the run into the tributaries of the Deschutes, John Day, Umatilla, Grand Ronde, and Yakima rivers.

We heard about several club members that had planned to make fishing trips on Wallowa River and high lakes today. Hope to get some good October fishing reports from these member in the very near future. There has been a number of the usual October snowfall reports coming from the Wallowa and Elkhorn mountain ranges - tis the season. 

an Anthony Lake fishing trip - October 18th

Tom, reported that he had returned home just a few hours ago from a cruise-tour in the eastern Mediterranean, and no fly fishing was allowed from their ship.The cruise was very pleasant, except for the recent outbreak of war in that area - they had to leave.

We then had a short discussion about the upcoming Fly Fishing Film Tour presentation -November 9th- at the Gesa Power House Theater, in Walla Walla. Dale said that he had sent out a couple of club Emails announcing this presentation and it was discussed about contacting the theater to see if the club could set up some kind of display to promote OUR club's presence in the community at this showing.
This presentation is being hosted by Washington Water Trust.
Please follow this link for further details -

This evening we had plans for the election of new club officers, but without Dave being present, this will be postponed until our November 8th meeting. At that meeting we are thinking about having a fly fishing tackle SWAP, and Dale will be Emailing details in the near future concerning the setup for this event.
In November we will be returning to our usual Second Wednesday of the month meeting schedule.

This meeting was adjourned at 7:45.

Respectfully submitted,
Dale McKain
Club Secretary  

Tight lines and good fishing

Thursday, September 21, 2023

September 20 - Ready or not here it comes- 4" of September snowfall on the high lakes!

  A gathering of fly fishers

This evening after dinner our meeting was called to "order" at 7:00 by the evening's emcee - Dave.

During dinner, most of the discussions were of summer fishing outings and catching. So after dinner the order of business was rather short.

It was announce and discussed that our Treasurer Harold, had recently undergone surgery and was expected to have a rather lengthy recover period. 
Harold had previously given his Notice of Resignation as Treasurer, but would stay on until a good club's money / bookkeeper would fill his shoes. Now is the time for One Good individual to come forward to handle our club's treasury, as Harold has now had to give up that responsibility.
Harold, Thank You for the years of service that you have given our club.
Get well soon, our thoughts and prayers are for your speedy recovery.

This evening we had 10 members in attendance. Without a Treasurer being present we did not have our usually transactions with fly donations - door prize, or fly box raffle.

With some members -other obligations- it was discussed and decided that next month OCTOBER that we would again hold our monthly meeting on the THIRD Wednesday of the month -- the 18th. Please mark your calendars accordingly.

Also discussed was a meeting plan - program for November 15th. Currently thoughts are to have a SWAP Meeting. A meeting to buy-sale-trade those Fly Fishing goods that you haven't used in awhile. NO JUNK PLEASE, just used and unused goodies that you no longer have use for. What to you think?

With the low membership turnout tonight, we were thinking that many of you have made a last-ditch-effort to make an end of Summer fishing trip and gotten snowbound. It was announce that yesterday there was a FRESH 4" snowfall that covered the Elk Horn Mtns. - Anthony Lake, a favorite fishing hole and summer cooling off spot, holding large triploid rainbows* for many of us.      

with snowfall September 21 8:11 am
Mid-summer catching on Anthony Lake
With the onset of Autumn -shorter, cooler days- catching can be good here.

a typical October 18th catch of FIVE (5) 12" to 20" triploid rainbows*

Now to discuss the urgent business at hand... Will YOU step forward and share your time and effort as a Club Officer? You will not be alone.
The job might consume 1 or 2 of your month's waking hours, and the time to attend a meeting; with summer fishing months - time OFF.

Please mark your calendars for our next meeting -October 18th-    at Chiquillas Mexican House 428 Ash St, Walla Walla, WA.
Dinner orders being placed/starting at 5:45 pm with business meeting / program to follow at 7:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Dale McKain
Club Secretary  

Tight lines and good fishing

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* “triploid” trout are normal rainbows that have been modified to be sterile, but are otherwise identical to other rainbow trout. They look, fight, and taste just the same. With no ability to reproduce, triploids focus all of their energy on eating and growing large — sometimes to exaggerated proportions.