Friday, August 10, 2018

Elk on the left ~ Elk on the right ~ Elk in the road

Last week Prez Dave was discussing with Sec Dale about the possibility of making a fishing trip to Anthony Lake this week. We were ON for Tuesday.
Sec Dale put out a APB to all other club members of plans to go fishing Tuesday to Beat the Heat, and asked who wants to join us?
A couple of days later, Dave called back and said his wife reminded him of a previous obligation - can't go fishing.
By this time several members replied with Heidi and Harold saying YEA, "let's go fishing" but maybe not Tuesday. We decided on Thursday, which was to be a few degrees hotter than Tuesday.
A couple of days later, Harold emailed back saying, his wife reminded him of a previous obligation - can't go fishing.

Heidi, and Dale went fishing Thursday for R&R, and to Beat the Heat of the Columbia Basin.

The HIGH temperatures 
of the day

Leaving Walla Walla at 10:00 am it was getting hot; we made our way through Summerville and on to La Grande to pick up a bite of lunch for Dale and Buddy. The entire NE Oregon area was very smokey again this year, much like last year.
The Elkhorn Range shrouded in wildfire smoke -
view from 3,250′ elevation looking at 9,100' mountains

 We arrived at the lake at 1:00, and it was beginning to get quite warm as we put our boats on the lake and Buddy went for a short swim.
Today there was a lot of mid-week "traffic" on the lake, and with the oppressive heat wave of the past week we found the early afternoon catching to be slow. Dale took some temperature readings with his ole mercury angler's thermometer and found the water temperature at 2' deep to be 67* (too warm for trout to hold in) and the air temperature while sitting in the sun to be 88* (hot enough to order an onboard icy Gin & Tonic to be served if possible).

Trying to keep his feet DRY 

Today was Heidi's first day of fishing Anthony Lake and catching Brook Trout

After an afternoon at working the lake, Heidi came out catching 1 Brookie; Dale caught 2 Brookies and came back to shore with 2 triploid rainbows. We both had a good number of strikes at our flies, but the heat seems to be slowing the action down. While on the lake, Dale was talking with another anglers who told him that he had fished the lake regularly since the 4th of July; and for 2-3 weeks he was catching 3x maybe 4x more fish, than he has been catching since the weather turned HOT. Even though our catch rate today was slow, Dale's last hookup of the day perhaps gave him the best trout fight of his life... using his 2-wt. lake rod this one was much like fighting a summer steelhead, but the fish took flight when it's nose touched the landing net. 
The things that dreams are made of.

We were driving away from the boat launch at 8:00, for the 2.5 hour drive back to Walla².

To add a finishing touch to our day on the mountain, as we got to "the bottom of the hill" standing in the middle of the road are 3 elk - off to the left is 5 or 6 elk - off to our right is about 25 elk standing in a field of alfalfa, with at least one branch bull standing in that mix with antlers 3' long.
It was a good day - we'll be back.

Anthony Lake is a USFS fee area

Once Lifetime Fee for Seniors
A Daily Fee

Report of another day's fishing 8-9-18

Tight lines and good fishing -

Walla² Fly Fishers

Monday, July 30, 2018

We did Beat the Heat at 7100'

It was going to be HOT again in the Columbia River Basin this day.

Last week club Secretary Dale put out an APB to club members that Monday was going to be HOT, and he was looking for those that wanted to Beat the Heat at 7100' - Anthony Lake, OR with him.

A number of club members replied, but only three of us had the time to make the drive and fish the day away. Since Jerry, Tyson, and Dale had a few loose ends to tie up at home, we all drove up to Anthony Lake individually. Dale did take his Buddy along.

Jerry got to the lake mid-morning, Tyson got to the lake late-morning and Dale arrived in the early afternoon, in time to get an air temperature reading of 76° at 2:00.

Having fished his way across the lake, Dale was able to catch up with Jerry and asked "How's the fishing going?" He replied that Tyson had caught a few and he had hooked none. It was about that same time that we looked in Tyson's direction and noticed that Tyson had a tight line with a fish breaking the water surface.

Proof of the fact - an alibi for Tyson - Jerry is our attorney

FULL screen will give you the best viewing ~ take you there

When the day was said and done, it was a most relaxing, cool, and fishable day. 

Fish tallies for the day were...

Jerry = 1 hooked with a half dozen strikes using various flies wet and dry with a floating fly line.
All C&R

Dale = 3 hooked with a dozen strikes using...

a full sink line and later in the afternoon an intermediate sink line.
3 kept for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Tyson = 10 hooked with two dozen strikes using...
a full fast sinking line and later in the day an intermediate sinking fly line.
All C&R

Buddy finished the day by digging out a hole that he had started working on while on a fishing trip last fall.

As the summer season progresses, the triploid Rainbow holding in Anthony Lake are in much deeper, cooler water and an angler has to go deeper (sinking line) to find them, particularly if fishing while the sun is still on the water. 

Dale reports that the fish he kept were strong fighters and FAT, reminded him to be much like Deschutes River summer steelhead, just not as large... but primed to be smoked.
There are also Brookies in the shallow parts of the lake, that will readily come to a dry fly, particularly as the sun comes off the water.

Report of another day's fishing 7-30-18

Tight lines and good fishing -

Walla² Fly Fishers

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Fly Fishing Workshop

It would have been in March that Brent Cummings, with the Walla Walla Public School District contacted Diane about conducting a Fly Fishing Workshop in June. Diane had plans to be out-of-town during that time, and pointed Brent to make contact with the WALLA² FLY FISHERS to try to setup such a workshop.

Via email, Brent made contact and Secretary Dale began to put the workshop in motion from our end.

This workshop was a segment of a 4-day multi-faceted conference -DO Conference- being held on the campus of Whitman College in Walla Walla for educators and their classroom helpers coming from across the state of Washington.

For this Fly Fishing Workshop segment Dale recruited the help of fellow club members Herb, Heidi, Judy, and Tom to assist in the tying of flies and demonstrate and assist in fly rod casting. Our segment was a 4-hour hands-on demonstration and discussion into the art and science of fly fishing.

Prior to the workshop Dale developed a multi-page handout for everyone to have in hand for the workshop, and to take home with many Internet reference points, to aid in their further education of fly fishing.

In introducing the art and science of fly fishing Dale pointed out several reference guides that the participants would find useful for their at home references to aid in fly fishing our Pacific Northwest.

Our classroom instruction was fly tying demonstrated by Dale with the assistance of our other club members aiding the class participates. The class handout listed with recipes 5 flies to tye as time allowed. As in many cases with novice tyers, in the two and a half hours we had allotted for fly tying, we slowly went step-by-step to tye a Bead Head Wooly Bugger, and then after a break tied the same fly as fast as we could. 
The second Wooly Bugger tied only took most participates 15-20 minutes to tye.

After a refreshment break, everyone came back to class and we discussed fly rod casting. Heidi had a demo rod that demonstrated very well (indoors) the mechanics of rod and line control. 

Dale brought an assortment of rods to demonstrate the difference in rod sizes and materials used to manufacture rods. Matching rods, reels, and fly lines were discussed.

Thereafter the class moved to college outdoor commons for fly rod casting instructions and practice. At this time our club's VP Tom returned and helped with this portion of our program.

Click on this link for a PDF copy of our Workshop Handout

As the workshop ended, there was a standardized questionnaire circulated on benefits and lessons learned from our fly fishing segment of this Workshop Conference. We are happy to report that many of the participants said they were very happy with the results of this time well spent.

Respectfully submitted,
Dale McKain
Club Secretary

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