Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Working on our club's 2014 Activities

This evening Vice-President Dave Stemmer brought our meeting to order at 7:20. We had 13 club members and guest in attendance.
It was mentioned that due to high water levels, high cfs flows that the club outing to the Wallowa and Minam rivers had been cancelled. This outing will try to be re-schedule with Grant Richie as soon as possible - weather and water-flows permitting. Because of the variables in weather and water conditions; the next steelhead fishing trip maybe on a drop-of-the-hat notice ~~ be prepared for an email or phone call to let you know of the time and place to head out for Minam.

Our first order of business discussed was the creation of a 2014 Fly Fishing Fair (FFF) in May or June, with hope of doing so in conjunction with Waterbrook Winery. VP Dave reported that Scott Peters probably would not be working with us on this 2014 FFF, so he would take the reins and work to make it happen. No one at this meeting knew of a contact person at Waterbrook Winery, so Dave will be going into this venture as a cold call. President Tom was not present this evening, and he has been a big player in this function in our past, so we are looking forward to his guidance / help with moving this alone. Dates discussed for this year's FFF were May 17 and May 31.

This evening's Door Prize fly box was won by Dr. Mike Garton.

Tonight Robin Saxby addressed our meeting concerning the club making a presence at this year's Walla Walla Farmers' Market at the fairgrounds. She tells us there would be no charge for our group to setup a fly fishing demo booth, and they would like for us to be able to demonstrate to their public the art and science of fly fishing and fly tying. This year the Farmers' Market will be opening the first Saturday in May and run through October. The time of operations is 9:00 am until 1:00 pm each Saturday. We would not be expected to be present each and every Saturday, but they would like to have us on the occasions when we have club members available that would wish to share their skills and knowledge of fly fishing. Robin did say, that the Farmers' Market would ask that we have a presence there on September 13th for their Kids' Day activities.

Next order of business discussed was developing a 2014 Fly Fishing Banquet (FFB) for a fall club activity. On this matter Dale McKain has been in contact with the very notable fly fisher, fly tyer, fly fishing, hunting book author, and editor of the four editions of -Northwest/Southwest/Eastern/American Fly Fishing- magazines ~~ John Shewey.

Last month during the proposed FFB discussion Dr. Doug Coe and Sheldon Haer, said they would contact the Walla Walla Country Club and The Marcus Whitman Hotel to check on accommodations and pricing. This meeting they both reported to the club that both facilities would be able to accommodate us, the price of the facility and meals, and we would need to secure our date. Last month it was decided that a May date with John was too soon to organize an adequate banquet; so Dale recontacted John and we nailed a 18 October 2014 date of availability. This date was presented to the club this evening and all were in favor of it... if we could get a facility to accommodate us.
It was also discussed how we should schedule the afternoon / evening as John said he would be willing to make a fly tying presentation the same afternoon of the evening banquet. So is was discussed to ask John to do a fly tying presentation / discussion around 5:00 pm, a social hour around 6:00 and a buffet dinner at 7:00, followed by a FFB presentation by John immediately thereafter. John has also mentioned that he would bring some of his books and be available for some book signing. John has authored at least 12 books of fly fishing and outdoor activity interest.
Dale said that as soon as we could confirm a place for this date, he would begin soliciting for FFB items from the manufacturers he once dealt with when he owned the Pendleton fly shop.
NOTE: since this meeting Dr. Doug has confirmed that the Walla Walla Country Club is available and we are booked to have our FFB there on Saturday, 18 October. Please mark you calendars and look for details to follow.

Our next order of business discussed what to develop a working relationship and program with vets at the Walla Walla Veterans' Hospital through Project Healing Waters.
Jerry Newell reported that he has stayed in contact with the lead person at the Walla Walla Veteran's Hospital, but due to a accident that individual had been side-tracked, and Jerry was making contact with the Project Healing Waters co-coordinator in Spokane. We hope to get activities going with our Walla Walla vets as soon as possible. Hopefully within weeks we will have some fly tying sessions in the works and prepare for the opening of fly fishing trout season. Club members will be notified as soon as we have this project up and going. Please have your fly tying fingers and gear ready of a drop-of-the-hat notice.

Thereafter it was discussed in ~Round Table Fashion~ places, and dates for our group to start spring trout fishing outings. Dale mentioned that John Shewey had written a couple of book / fishing guides to the waters of Oregon and Washington.


This evening's fly box ~ raffle was won by Dick Taylor.


Our meeting this evening was adjourned at 8:08 p.m.

Our next regularly scheduled monthly meeting will be Wednesday, 9 April 2014.

Respectfully submitted,
Dale McKain

Tight lines and good fishing.

Walla² Fly Fishers

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Dale McKain – Secretary

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