Saturday, August 15, 2009

2009 - Fly Fishing Fair at Waterbrook

Today our recently formed Federation of Fly Fishers chapter - Walla² Fly Fishers held our sixth meeting at the facilities of Waterbrook Winery for a beautiful autumn like day of FLY FISHING ON THE POND. The Walla² Fly Fishers are a group of individuals vested in bringing the art and science of fly fishing to our Walla Walla River Valley of Oregon and Washington, USA.

This day was a well co-ordinated effort / event of fly fishing, fly tying, outdoor cooking and wine tasting enjoyments at the newly constructed facility of Waterbrook Winery near Walla Walla, WA. Admission to fly fishing activities and food was FREE and FUN for ALL. The price of sipping Waterbrook vino during lunch and into the afternoon was very reasonable

To make a long story short, the following pictures of today's events should be worth a few thousand words...
Joe Rotter (left) of Red's Fly Shop set up his guided fly fishing trip program and was talking fly fishing right off the bat this morning. Joe did inform us that they had several group package fly fishing trips available through his guide service on the Wenatchee, the Yakima, the Klickitat and many others. He invited the Walla² Fly Fishers to come up and enjoy their fishing fun. If you would be interested in following up on Joe's invitation /presentation you can follow this link to his Central Washington fly fishing guide services.

We also had on tap for the day...

Fly-Tying Demonstration with Scott Peters began at 10:30
Yarn Fly Casting Demonstrations and Classes began at 11:30
Skip Pritchard - FFF certified casting instructorconducts our casting classes for this day.

Walla² Fly Fishers members help to make it easier
Yarn Fly Casting Competition began at 12:30
Dutch Over Cooking Demonstrations began at 11:00Shoreline Lunch Presentation began at 12:30 with lunch for all on the grounds being served at 1:30.Lunch for everyone from these food preparations was: grilled salmon, grilled potatoes/onions kabobs, grilled zucchini/ pineapple kabobs, Dutch oven - baked tri-tip steak, with mushroom gravy, carrot/onion stew in a wine sauce, peach cobbler and a blueberry-raspberry-blackberry cobbler.

We had quite a turnout -- quite a party, and the wine was good.
Did I see you there today?

After lunch, Skip had another crew of flycasters on the pond, practicing/ tuning up their newly learned skills from the day's activities. Scott and Dale went back at the fly tying table for awhile to offer a few more flies to those that were watching in the interest of our fly dressings.

With this full day's activity, a few sips of Waterbrook wine, a delicious lunch having been served, we were cleaning up and wrapping up our fly fishing/ fly tying gear for the day, when we found this guy laying in a corner passed out. It was a big day of outdoor activities for everyone.

The Walla² Fly Fishers wish to express our deep gratitude to Waterbrook Winery for the use of their facilities, their hospitality, and the food and wine that we all enjoyed. We also wish to thank Joe, John, Ceil, for their help in making the Fly Fishing Fair a great success with great food and camaraderie.

Scott and Skip, Thank You for making all the arrangements to put this day together with Waterbrook Winery for the members of Walla² Fly Fishers and our fly fishing community.

NOTE: During our affair today, Scott found that there maybe some $$$ money $$$ sitting in a Walla Walla bank that we -Walla² Fly Fishers- may have at our disposal. Stay tuned for further details.
Respectfully submitted,
Dale McKain

Tight lines and good fishing.

Walla² Fly Fishers

Scott Peters - President
Skip Pritchard - Co-President
Dale McKain - Secretary/ Blog Master


  1. Dale - Wow, you are a man of many talents! This is fantastic - thanks! Scott

  2. Speaking on behalf of all the staff at Waterbrook Winery, we want to thank the Walla2 Fly Fishers for all their help on the Fly Fishing Fair on the Pond. It was a lot of fun having you all there and we are already looking forward to next year! Hope to see you many times before then at the tasting room! Cheers, Michelle Liberty, Retail Marketing Director

  3. Having just arrived in Walla Walla as my new home I wanted to tour wineries of course and join a fly fishing group. What a deal- you combined both in one fun filled day! I brought my daughter and son in law to inspire them to start fly fishing (ulterior motive to have fishing buddies!). They both really enjoyed both the excellent casting instruction - the best I have ever had- and the fly tying demo. Thank you so much for helping me seduce them. Am excited to join the club and start learning and fishing the area. Thank you to Waterbrook- your facility is beautiful and the wine is great too! I joined two clubs in one day!
    Jan Atwater