Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Working with WDFW & in SEARCH of a new club President

This evening the Walla² Fly Fishers had a most important monthly meeting. This was our first meeting after coming off our summer break. We had a lot of club business on our plate to discuss right after our pre-meeting dinner. Again dinner was good and hot, everyone had all they could eat.
Thank you China Buffet.

After dinner President Scott called the meeting to order, and announced that he had to relinquish the post of club president. Scott explained that with the club's first election of officers, it was anticipated that the positions would be held for a period of 8 months as the club was getting established. At this point in time those officers have held their respective club offices for 15 months. Scott explained that with his family and work obligations, he was finding that he needed more time to attend to those matters, and was giving notice of his resignation as club president.

We now need someone to step forward and help the club to continue move along in the growth direction we have been going. Barry indicated he would remain on as Treasurer and Dale will remain as club Secretary. NOW is the time for all good fly fishers to consider your abilities to help carry our club's banner as our next President. Let's hear it for our next club President.

This evening we had 23 club members and guest in attendance.

After Scott's announcement we discussed the need to consider a new meeting location, as we have outgrown our present location at the China Buffet. The past couple of meeting before our summer break, we actually had people sitting in the doorway of the banquet room. Scott announced that he had contacted Jacobi's Cafe at 416 No. 2nd Avenue in Walla Walla and they would have a meeting room for our future meetings. A vote was taken and it was agreed that our future meetings will be at Jacobi's beginning with October 13th meeting. Please see sidebar for directions. Also it was discussed the upcoming banquet we are having on Saturday, 18 September. Dale, Scott, Barry and Jan have been working on this event and at this time all seem to be going together well for that evening's event. Barry gave a brief Treasurer's report and it seems there will be enough money in our bank account to pull this banquet off and will have a few dollars to spare. A Deschutes River steelhead fishing trip was discussed, which is to be made on Sunday 19 September.
After this business discussion we had the fly box door prize drawing, and then proceeded into our presentation of the evening.

This evening we had two guest speakers from Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife: GlenMendel - WDFW Fisheries Biologist and Dave Karl - WDFW Fisheries Habitat Biologist.

Glen Mendel

Dave Karl

These guys really gave our group a lot of information concerning the present condition of southeast / central WA fisheries, and northeast OR fisheries.
Glen briefed us on the condition of the fisheries on the Walla Walla, Tucannon, Grande Ronde, Touchet and lower Snake rivers. He gave us an update on the conditions of the area hatcheries and the numbers history of steelhead and salmon returns, with prospect of future returns and fishing opportunities.
Dave told us from his experience concerning the fisheries habitats of this area and his personal fishing experiences on many of the streams and rivers of southeast WA and northeast OR.
Both of these guys gave us plenty of info on where to fish and when to be there for the best fishing opportunities. They made available to our meeting two handouts: 2010 Washington Fishing Prospects and Trout Fishing Guide to NE Oregon.
It was also discussed by Glen some of the opportunities that our club might have to work with WDFW with hands-on fisheries projects, such as working with the steelhead and salmon redds counting crews, giving some helping hands around the Tucannon River Hatchery and fishing lake area, etc.
They gave us the name of Ken Junt - WA game law officer and Tim Brown - OR game law officer for our immediate Walla Walla River fishing areas.
One point both of the gentlemen emphasised was the North of Falcon Process for Washington. They ask our group to track this process for 2011 and try to make attendance to the most local / area meetings to establish salmon fisheries catch allocations and season openings.

We wish to thank Dave and Glen for all the info they shared with us this evening, and let's hope as a club we get to use it in our near future fishing endeavors.

To polish off the meeting we had a second raffle drawing for the second fly box made available for this evening.

Tight lines and good fishing.

Walla² Fly Fishers

Scott Peters - President
Skip Pritchard - Co-President
Barry Gould - Treasurer
Dale McKain - Secretary /
Blog Master

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