Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fishing the Klickitat River with Jim Gallagher

This month we had 38 FFF members and guest attending our meeting. There was a very short club business discussion. Club Treasurer Doug Coe reports that the club has over $700 in our bank account (we will not give $$ details in this public forum).

After most of the dinner tables were cleared President Tyson ask Tom Craig to introduce our guest speaker for the evening. Tom had made a couple of guided fishing trips with Jim Gallagher on the Klitckitat River, and for this meeting invited him to join us with details of his guided adventures.

Jim talked with us about the fishing opportunities on the Klickitat River showing maps and slides of a number for stretches of the river that he guides on a regular basis. Even though most of his trips target trout, he said that more and more he was becoming a big fan of steelhead fishing the Klickitat. The open fishing season for the Klickitat is June 1 through November 30. Be sure to check the WA and Yakama Indian Reservation fishing regulations before hitting the river since there are some special regs that govern parts of the river. Jim reported to us that the Klickitat is best fished when the water flow is between 500-800 cfs. He pointed out that trout fishing was best during the heat of the summer months, before fishing the river one should check to see if it might be out of shape due to glacial melt. He tells us that the best time of the year for fishing the river is September and October when water flows are pretty steady, and the cooler weather stops the glacial runoff from turning the river into a milk bath.

Jim, gave us a wonderful slide show of his guiding results on the Klickitat, and passed around several fly boxes showing us his favorite trout and steelhead flies used on the Klickitat.
After our meeting, Jim was heading for the Grande Ronde River for some steelhead fishing for awhile. If you think you might be interested in booking a guided trip on the Klickitat River next year you can contact him of availability from the info of his card.

We wish to Thank You Jim for this evening's visit, information, and presentation. Good luck with you fishing excursion on the Grande Ronde.

In past years we have not held a Walla² Fly Fishers meeting during the month of December. Club officers will discuss this option for 2011 and make an email announcement to the club membership of a decision to hold a December meeting.
Happpy Holidays.

Respectfully submitted,
Dale McKain

Tight lines and good fishing.

Walla² Fly Fishers

Tight lines and good fishing.

Tyson Kopfer - President
Dr. Doug Coe - Treasurer
Dale McKain - Secretary

Past Presidents
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Scott Peters

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