Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall fishing with Tyson Kopfer

This evening we had 15 members present for our meeting. President Tom call the meeting to order at 7:05.
The meeting was opened with fishing reports from various members:
David said that steelhead fishing on the Clearwater was good
Tom tells us that salmon fishing at Hanford Reach was off and on, not real steady
Dave told us that the Tucannon was fishing good for trout 12"-14"
Diane said that the Touchet near Dayton was fishing well lately
Jerry Newell gave us an update on his contact with the Walla Walla VA in an effort to setup and Project Healing Waters - Fly Fishing program.

Audia won the door prize fly box. Harold won the evening's raffle fly box.

Our program this evening was given by Tyson on Fall Fly Fishing and some flies and methods to use for autumn fishing/ catching success. Tyson presentation was discussing fly presentations morning, noon, and late p.m. as we approach the closing of trout fishing season, which occurs on 31 October every year.

  A sampling of Tyson's "working" fly boxes.

For those who missed this month's meeting / Tyson's presentation this writer will make reference to a previous blog posting to make a show and tell presentation that runs parallel with Tyson's program of this evening.

A Blue Mountains Fly Hatch Chart
a guide for tying flies and fishing trout, steelhead, salmon
in Northeast Oregon and Southeast Washington

This evening's meeting was adjourned at 8:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Dale McKain

Tight lines and good fishing.

Walla² Fly Fishers

Tom Craig – President
Dave Stemmer – Vice President
Doug Coe – Treasurer
Dale McKain – Secretary

Past Presidents

Tyson Kopfer
Bob Long
Scott Peters

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