Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2016 New Year's business of fly fishing

Being President Tom was out-of-town for a few days, VP Dave called this evening’s meeting to order at 7:12.
There were 29 members and guest in attendance.

Our first order of business this evening was the election of club officers. The floor was opened to all in attendance for recommendations and nominations.

President Dave Stemmer
The 2016 slate of Club Officers available for election became:

President – Dave Stemmer

V. President – Tom Craig

Secretary – Dale McKain

Treasurer – Dr. Doug Coe

A vote by show of hands was made and the slate of Club Officers were approved, unanimously. 

It was then brought to our attention that with the new year that membership club dues were due - annual dues $15 individual -- $20 family. Many people made their payments of support this evening.

Our next order of business was a presentation by Bill Filla from Cross Trail Outfitters (CTO), announcing their annual fundraising banquet to be held Sunday May 1st,  at their meeting facility located at 1010 Valley Chapel Rd, west of Walla Walla. The Walla Walla Chapter of CTO currently is engaged with about 200 area kids, age 8-18 years old.  Please follow these links to learn more about the national CTO organization, the Walla Walla Chapter and their activites.

CTO Northeast OR trout

CTO Southeast WA pheasant

CTO Northeast OR steelhead caught on the fly

CTO Southeast WA elk

The CTO Walla Walla chapter is a non-denominational religious youth hunting and fishing club for boys and young men. We are "Building Men, Preserving our Heritage and Sharing our Faith.  Go with us on real hunting and fishing trips and other exciting outings - including the coolest Summer Camps in the world!" If interested in more details about their program or the May 1st banquet please contact Jason Peterson at 509-876-9285 or

Next order of business, President Dave brought to our attention the last Walla Walla 4-H banquet which then President Tom attended. The club has made donation in time and money to promote the art of fly fishing and fly tying at this local organization level.

Thereafter President Dave introduced our evening’s speakers and club members – Grant and Lottie Richie, owners of the Minam Raft Rental business at Minam, OR.
They operate a fishing guide service, raft rental and shuttle service on the Wallowa and Grande Ronde rivers, the store, and the motel at Minam.

This evening Grant presented us with an overview of the fishing, rafting, dining opportunities that are available from their operations at Minam Junction. Let it be known that Grant and Lottie have worked with our club and with our club's chapter of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc to make many enjoyable outings from their operations at Minam.

Grant and Lottie’s enterprises have been well published via the Internet and Pacific Northwest publications. With this in mind this writer will direct everyone’s attention to these very current publications featuring Grant and Lottie.
This evening Grant and Lottie shared with our group a recap of some of their activities during 2015 via a PPP and Grant shared some advise on the fly and fishing spots to target on the rivers they run. Since a picture is worth 1000 words...
Grant's winter steelhead flies

Copper John - Grant's favorite trout fly 

Grant's summer dry flies

A Golden Stonefly - late May hatch

Pictures taken along the river...
a July 2015 afternoon
a March steelhead  

an August riverside camp

August goat sighting

Ooopps, the one that got away
Please check out the following links that give current details of the operations centered around the Richie's MINAM STORE…

Thank you Lottie and Grant for this evening's presentation, and the fishing fun that you share with our club on the river. 

Our meeting was adjourned at 8:40.

Our next monthly meeting will be held Wednesday. 17 February 2016 at...

Smith's Family Restaurant

1425 Pine Street
Walla Walla

Dinner and social at 6:00 pm with meeting following at 7:00 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Dale McKain
Club Secretary ~ Blog-master

Tight lines and Good Fishing

Tom Craig – President
– Dave Stemmer
Dave Stemmer – Vice President
– Tom Craig
Doug Coe – Treasurer
Dale McKain – Secretary - Blogmaster 
Gerald Newell - PROJECT HEALING WATERS, INC Coordinator

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