Sunday, October 9, 2016

Let's Go Fishing - Jubilee Lake - Tyson may have hooked…

Word went out this past week that the Walla² Fly Fishers were planning a trip to fish Jubilee Lake on Sunday.
Some regrets were received – could not attend – 5 RSVP’s came back saying “Going fishing” - details, please.

Our point of rendezvous was to be the Long Branch Saloon in Weston – 10:00 am.
There Robin, Barbara, Harold and Dale had a most delicious and filling brunch once again and were on our way to the lake. 
We arrived at the lake around noon, shortly thereafter we were joined by Tyson. There was one boat on the lake when we got there, and before we got our watercraft on the water, they and filled their creel and left. The couple that left as we were launching our boats, told us that they had filled their creel and caught one triploid rainbow. 
Everyone got their watercrafts on the lake and proceed to start their afternoon of catching. 

Our weather for the afternoon was cool, not cold, and a bit overcast, the perfect conditions for October trout fishing.

It wasn’t very long before reels began to sing, and water was being splashed from stem to stern by quite a few 10”-12” rainbows. From this writer’s viewpoint, it appeared that Tyson had the most successful afternoon of having to take fish off his hook, while Barbara probably came in a close second with 38 C&Rs to deal with. 



Today Robin got her first exposure to stillwater fishing while Harold did the kindly husband thing - of manning the oars. They were learning a lot about being stealthy, and hooking fish that don’t jump onto flies in the same manner as they do in running river waters.

Stillwater fly fishing is a different kind of fishing game, and like everything else, it takes a little practice to become really good at it.
By the end of the afternoon, everyone had a full creel, our hands were getting cold, and we had a good day’s catch to take home for dinner.


It was another good day on the fly at Jubilee lake, and a fresh caught dinner treat when we returned home.

Respectfully submitted by
Dale McKain

Tight lines and good fishing.

Walla² Fly Fishers

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