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Let's Go Fishing - Bennington Lake

Sunset on Bennington Lake

Recently some Walla² Fly Fishers have been fishing the lake after work and weekends.Most or our PM fishing has been very successful - averaging 50-75 hookups, with 40-60 long line releases and a few nice trout have received invitations to dinner.
The take home for 6-6

  The take home for 6-7

Fresh trout with fresh WA asparagus - an early June treat

Most recent fishing reports have come back saying...

May 10 - Full moon – Barbara and Dale fished the lake… Dale’s first time on this lake. Both using a BS Special. Fishing was good with many hookup and filling creel with 5 trout each. Best under the Full Moon catching Dale has ever experienced. Dale had one fly stolen.
Dale having caught a full creel of trout - with a full moon rising

June 6 – Barbara and Dale had a very good evening on the lake… hooking 30-50 fish, many long line releases, creeled 5 trout each. Both using a BS Special.

June 7 – Barbara and Dale, joined by Heidi had a great evening on the lake… many hookups, many long line releases with a lot of fish throwing the fly on their leap from the water. 

Great catching, great FUN
click on corner box to go FULL screen - best picture

June 11 – Full moon – Barbara, Heidi, and Dale had very slow fishing. Maybe no more that 12 strikes each. Dale had maybe 6 hookups for 3-4 seconds, Barbara the same with 2 trout landed. Heidi and I came out empty handed.
Mike Wallace fished the lake during mid-afternoon, and had very poor results.
Brian fishing from the shore had a couple of good strikes, nothing creeled, had one fly stolen.
Ran into Daniel Biggs, fishing from the shore, hooking a few trout, more crappie than trout as a mayfly hatch was coming off at 8:45-9:00pm Daniel says this hatch gets really thick in the next couple of weeks. Should have #12 Stimulators ready to go into action at any time.

June 13 – Barbara fished the lake after work, reports catching was slow, but she had two fresh rainbows for dinner. Reports she is beginning to run low on BS Specials.

June 21 – We had our monthly club meeting was held on the lake today. In attendance were Tom, Diane, Dick, Barbara, Robin, Harold, Heidi, Dale, Daniel with a young friend learning to fly fish. Most folks arrived between 6:00 and 7:00pm. Fishing has become rather slow with water temperature rising. Most of the catch were crappies, and a couple of trout. Most everyone "worked" the lake until 8:30. It was an enjoyable evening on the lake for all, catching or not... fishing is good. "Damn it" Dale did not have his camera to get photos of this outing.

Barbara reported on August 1st
Fishing at Bennington. I've been catching a lot lately, tonight 1 trout, 7 crappie and 1 bluegill. Daniel says he and Robin caught 40 assorted fish the other night.
I also fished this morning and caught 2 trout, 2 crappie

Dale reported on August 14

'As the sun slowly sets in the PNW...'
'Like fire in the sky.
Beautiful, peaceful... there was only one other boat on the lake with me this evening. I like that :)'
'Was fishing a lead head FAB fly this evening... hoping to find some triploid rainbows near the bottom of the lake.
This one would not let go. 
You can see his chin whiskers reflecting in the water.
Would preferred he had been a long-line-release.'
Report from Bennington
This evening - fishing was good
This evening - catching was not so good.

Temperatures today were in the low 80's and all the Canadian smoke is gone. So after the evening news and weather, I went out to sit on Bennington Lake - rod in hand. It was calm, quite, and a beautiful sunset.
Catching was slow - two crappie, and one burly set of whiskers.

Dale has posted a lot of stillwater fishing tips / how to's on the club blog. The next move is up to you. Let's Go Fishing

Reported by Dale McKain 

Tight lines and good fishing.

Walla² Fly Fishers

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