Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fishing the Nushagak River with Ed and Company

President Tyson call this month’s meeting to order shortly after 7 pm. There were 19 club members and guest in attendance this evening. The business at hand was to remind everyone that annual club membership fees were due and Treasurer Doug, was accepting money this evening to update memberships.

NOTE: Annual Walla² Fly Fishers membership dues are $15 for individuals and $20 for family.

After taking care of membership matter, Tyson announced that the floor was open for the nomination of a new club Vice President. It was announced that Tom Craig had been nominated after our January club meeting, and asked if there was anyone else interested in the position. NO one spoke up, so it was moved that the nominations be closed and a vote be made to elect Tom for our new VP. All was said and done, a club membership voting was made, Tom was elected. Congratulations and Thank You Tom. Tom has been a very active member of Walla² Fly Fishers for several years, and we are looking forward to his leadership in club business and fly fishing guidance of our future.

Last month President Tyson said he would like for us to begin the practice of having a monthly fly box(s) raffle once again. It has been a while since we had conducted these meeting raffles, and this month we did so.

The Door Prize raffle, whereby everyone attending the meeting gets a raffle ticket (no charge), was won by Ed Chesnut.

This evening’s program was the reflections of Ed Chesnut on the Alaskan fishing trip he and several other Milton-Freewater fly fishers made to the Nushagak River in southeast AK last August. Along with Ed on this trip were a few other Milton-Freewater / Walla² Fly Fishers - Pat, Jim, Mike, Doug, and Matt. So we had some real good input from these guys of their observation and hookups of this trip. Ed’s presentation was of many slides of their flight getting to their fish camp, the week spent there. The targeted hookups for this group was Silver (Coho) salmon, as well as pike and grayling. Like many places last year the weather was strange and about two weeks out of the norm. Due to the weather conditions the group found few of the Alaskan state insects – mosquitoes – on hand. Even though they found that the weather conditions had delayed their targeted Silver salmon run, they did have several days of good fishing and a few days beautiful sunshine weather before they had to break camp.

To give us a perspective of their fishing in Alaska, here are a couple of interesting pictures that Ed and the gang brought back.

Ed we wish to Thank You and your fellow fly fishing buddies for sharing with us this evening your summer fishing outing. Please let us know when tickets for this trip go on sale again.

After Ed’s presentation we had another call on the fly box raffle tickets sale, which for this evening came to a total of $52. To all participants we say Thank You.

And for the second fly box raffle drawing… the winner is, Ed Chesnut. By the rules of the game, only one fly box can be taken home each evening by any one person, so another drawing was made. And for the second fly box raffle drawing of this evening , the winner is Ed Chesnut. That is correct, Ed won the first three drawings for the two fly boxes of the evening. For the next drawing the winner was Bonnie.

Thereafter the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm and a number of folks stayed around to share fish tales and introduce themselves to the guest that were present at this meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Dale McKain

Tight lines and good fishing.

Walla² Fly Fishers

Tyson Kopfer - President
Tom Craig - Vice President
Dr. Doug Coe - Treasurer
Dale McKain - Secretary

Past Presidents
Bob Long
Scott Peters


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