Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fishing Kelly Creek, ID with Tyson Kopfer

President Tyson called this evening’s meeting to order at 7:05 pm.  There were 21 members and guest in attendance tonight. The first “door prize” fly box of the evening was won by Audra K. a first time attendee. 

Tyson opened club business by announcing that he wished to hold an election of club officers at our January 2013 meeting. No other business was discussed, except that Secretary Dale announced that he was re-connected via satellite to the www and had posted April, May, and June’s meeting minutes to the club’s blogsite.

This evening’s program was presented by our own President Tyson and was a very good slide presentation of his (and friends) fishing adventures on Kelly Creek in Idaho. 

He told us it was about a 200 mile trip out of Walla Walla taking about 5 hours to drive with the last 25 miles being gravel. The campground there has about 20 tent sites and a few cabins; that should be reserved before heading that way. 

A point strongly made is that in the state of Idaho – felt sole fishing/wading boots are illegal. Don’t get caught with them on.
Some of the fish Tyson caught on Kelly Creek were Westslope Cutthroats, Cuttbows, Rainbows, Whitefish and Bull Trout. He also inform us that many of the fish in Kelly Creek are well educated by fly fishers and some days are much better than other, but in casting flies, a fisher tends to anticipate a hookup with each cast. For several years Tyson planned his trips to Kelly Creek in August. He told us that eventhough there is no gauging station on Kelly Creek, to check the gaugeing station on the No. Fork of the Clearwater and find it flowing at 2000 cfs, makes for ideal fishing condition on Kelly Creek.
Water gauge for NF Clearwater:

Tyson tells us that there is an abundance of Caddisflies in August that keep the fish busy feeding. Tyson goes equipped this time of year with 3wt  and 5wt fly rods to fish the different waters and wind conditions he has found there. Most of the time he uses a 9’ to12’ leader with a 4x to 6x tippet. Average length of fish he finds is 8” to14” long.  

Tyson’s flies of choice numero uno being the Elkhair Caddis, thereafter are Stimulators (yellow and green), BWOs, PMDs, Klickhammer emerger, Royal Trude and Wulff Trude, ants, beetles, and hoppers. 
 As the meeting came to a close Diane asked if the club would consider allocating some funds for her to purchase hooks and tying materials for “Casting For Recovery” a breast cancer recovery organization, to help survivors to rehabilitate themselves through fly fishing. She mostly needs hooks size 6-14. A vote for fund allocation will conducted at our January 9, 2013 meeting.
Meeting and program was adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Please NOTE:
If any club member would like to "throw their hat into the ring"
all club officer positions are open for nominations.
Please contact President Tyson Kopfer if you are interested in filling one of these positions.
Thank You
PS. In email communications the club Secretary has received:
Treasurers Report 2012:
We started the year with $1,170+ in the account and through Dec. 20, 2012 we have $1000+ in the bank and $49 in cash (not yet deposited).
Over the year we have mainly spent money on Jacobi's ($15/meeting), and our speakers + dinners, and we made a major acquisition of a computer projector which cost $385. We also bought a few fly boxes for the raffles for $80. 
Anyway, we are solvent. And for a small club, I think we are doing well and having a good time.
Doug, are YOU willing to stay on at club treasurer??
I think that I have another year in me; so yes.
From Vice President Tom this email…
I am willing to run for Vice President of the club. I hope Tyson will continue as president, he has been doing an excellent job. Hopefully some other club members would consider running and I would step aside and be a gofer for anyone that needed assistance etc.

From Secretary Dale this email…
To: Tyson, Tom, Doug,
I was going to back off the club’s Secretary’s job, since I had no ISP for seven months, but that has changed, so I will reconsider. Tom like you if someone else would like to take the "job" I too will be glad to run as a gopher to help in club matters.

Respectfully submitted,
Dale McKain

Tight lines and good fishing.

Walla² Fly Fishers

Tyson Kopfer - President
Tom Craig - Vice President

Dr. Doug Coe - Treasurer
Dale McKain - Secretary

Past Presidents
Bob Long
Scott Peters

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